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L'Avancée de la nuit

Paul, a student who works as a night guard in a hotel to make ends meet, falls under the spell of Amelia, the young woman who rents room 313. Everything about her is a mystery: where she goes, what she does… rumours swirl all around her. Paula and Amelia enter into a love affair, but it is ill-fated, and one day Amelia suddenly disappears. Unbeknown to Paul, she has travelled to Sarajevo in search of her mother and to attempt to uncover the links that connect her personal history to the last civil war to have torn Europe apart. In this passionate, incandescent novel, Jakuta Alikavazovic evokes what has been lost and what can still be saved.


Territories: UK: Faber & Faber China: Shanghai Wanyu Culture & Arts Ltd
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