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Pierre Ducrozet

Pierre Ducrozet (1982, Lyon) is the author of five novels: Requiem pour Lola rouge (2010, Prix de la Vocation), La vie qu'on voulait (2013), Eroica (2015) published by Grasset, L'invention des corps, which won the 2017 Prix de Flore, and Le grand vertige, an adventure novel on the climate challenge, published at the start of the 2020 literary season by Actes Sud. He writes a column in Libération entitled "Résidence sur la earth". He co-wrote five books with Julieta Cánepa, including Ces jeunes qui changent le monde (These young people who change the world), winner of the 2020 UNICEF Prize for children's literature. He taught creative writing at the visual arts school of La Cambre, in Brussels, and has translated novels from both Spanish and English. After living in Berlin and Paris, he has been living in Barcelona for fourteen years.

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