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Shiny, Happy People

Could you bring yourself to murder your best friends in cold blood? And if you could, how would you do it? Shiny, Happy People is the half-way house between Heathers and The Matrix.

“It was a Tuesday in fall, a little after 3pm, and Alice was on her way to murder her friends.”

With this sentence begins one of the strangest, funniest and most thought-provoking books you’ll read. What reason could Alice Wanamaker—the kindest, most gentle girl in school—have to murder her friends? Is she crazy? Is it self-protection? Is she being blackmailed by some shady group or government agency? Have her friends been replaced by alien clones? Or is she simply trying to save them all from a fate far worse than death? Maybe there is no complicated reason for Alice Wanamaker’s heinous crimes. Maybe she’s just what everyone believes she is: a psychopath. A deranged monster.

Shiny, Happy People mixes the best elements of horror, sci-fi, and the coming-of-age novel, taking you on a journey you won’t soon forget, through an America somewhat different from the one you might know.

Author: Moji Zelander
Agent: Sam Copeland
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