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Ever Fallen In Love

SHORT LISTED FOR THE GREEN CARNATION PRIZE 2011 Richard fell for Luke at university. Luke was handsome, dissolute, dangerous; together they did things that Richard has spent the last decade trying to forget. Now his career is on the brink of success, but his younger sister Stephie's life is in pieces. Her invasion of Richard's remote west coast sanctuary forces Richard to confront the tragedy and betrayal of his past, and face up to his own role in what happened back then. In this compelling, visceral tale of how not to fit in, ZoA" Strachan takes us on a journey through hedonistic student days to the lives we didn't expect to end up living, and the hopes and fears that never quite leave us.
Agent: Sam Copeland
Territories: <span style="FONT-FAMILY: Georgia; FONT-SIZE: 8pt"><strong>UK: </strong>Sandstone</span>
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