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Greg Buchanan

Greg Buchanan was born in England in 1989. His debut literary thriller Sixteen Horses was pre-empted on a 16,000-word partial by Macmillan in the UK and US, with the American deal going for six-figures. Seventeen foreign languages have been pre-empted or auctioned so far. The novel is to published in 2021.

Greg was also the writer of the critically acclaimed sci-fi narrative No Man’s Sky: Atlas Rises, exhibited at the V&A’s 2018 video game exhibition. VICE called this story a “glimpse into the future of games” while GQ said it was the “most cohesive and intriguing tale that the game had delivered so far. After completing his BA in English Literature at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge, his PhD at King’s College London, and the UEA Prose Fiction MA, Greg now writes novels, comics, and video games. In 2019, he was named on Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Sixteen horses are found buried on a farm near the sea, with only their eyes exposed to the light of the sun. After Veterinary Forensics expert Cooper Allen travels to the scene and something deadly is discovered lurking there, the dying seaside community of Ilmarsh goes into quarantine. With hysteria mounting and fighting her own demons, Cooper must work with Inspector Alec Nichols to uncover the truth behind these shocking events. But not everything in Ilmarsh is at it seems, and as Cooper battles through her recovery, forces move to prevent the uncovering of a past long thought forgotten…

Books in order of publication:

Sixteen Horses (2021)

In praise of Greg Buchanan:

“It is far too soon to call a book of the fair, but one early contender has to be Greg Buchanan’s debut literary thriller.” – The Bookseller

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