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Alexia Casale

Alexia has had her heart set on being a writer since before she can remember so naturally she has degrees in Social & Political Sciences and Educational Psychology/Technology from Cambridge, and a PhD and teaching qualification from Essex. She has worked as a charity trustee, West End script-critic, executive editor of a human rights journal and on a Broadway musical… among other things. A dual British/American citizen with a large Italian family, she lives in the Sibillini mountains and the Chilterns-based domicile of her feline patron. She’s not sure which side of the family her dyslexia comes from, but is resigned to the fact that madness runs in both. She loves cats, collects glass animals and interesting knives, and has always wanted a dragon. The Bone Dragon was published by Faber in 2013, followed by Alexia's second novel, House of Windows in August 2015.

Alexia Casale Titles